An honours degree in business management is considered essential for those seeking to pursue a career in business, or those wishing to gain access to higher levels of responsibility within their current place of work. An entrepreneurial focus is suitable if you are planning on starting your own business. Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning are concerned with the challenges of generating, disseminating and institutionalising knowledge and learning through organisational systems, strategies and managementbusiness management

You will develop key attributes such as commercial acumen, self-reflection and emotional intelligence and gain skills in research, numeracy and project and people management. Purpose: Equip students to compile basic safety system standards and criteria, safety processes basic risk analysis, basic management reporting, basic programme development and co-ordination, practical training skills.

In the first year of study, students explore the principles underlying business management, examining the dynamic interrelationships between different aspects of business and interactions with the external environment. Here you will notice two well-known hedge funds – Highbridge Capital Management and Citadel – significantly increased their stake in Q1 as shares declined.

With the growth of service and retail businesses, management specialists in these domains are more in demand than ever. Business Management is also an ideal partner for a wide range of other subjects in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences such as languages, and can be studied at every level from Single Honours to management

Management is essential for the conduct of business activity in an orderly manner. The course culminates in the student being able to build a professional business plan of their intended enterprise. Creating reserves : One of the objectives of financial management is to create reserves.