Gain insight into the different activities that make up the marketing mix and other essential communication strategies.  The 2 main pillars of digital marketing are online marketing and offline marketing. In this course, we give you a framework to help you organize and plan your marketing approach. Good Marketing is crucial to a company’s success and therefore a good Marketing strategy is

The Four P’s of marketing include identifying and developing your product, determining its price, figuring out placement in order to reach customers, and developing a promotional strategy. If you have any type of electronic product, any product demo is an important part of your digital marketing

The specific requirements for Marketing are that you must meet with the department’s Graduate Convenor to discuss an appropriate personal programme of study. With buzz words like ‘digital transformation’ floating around the marketing arena of 2017, you are going to need to swot up and know the key aspects of publishing relevant content.

In this course, digital marketing consultant Adriaan Brits shows you—with real-world examples in Google Analytics—how to optimize your campaigns by segmenting and testing them, and then how to analyze your results. That said, since I’ll talk about online marketing in a separate guide, I’ll only mention the different areas of online marketing here, for the sake of completeness.

No accurate results : Marketing research is not a physical science like physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Please contact us if you would like more information about Emerald’s Marketing eJournal Collection. The programme place great emphasis on socially responsible marketing and the role of marketing within