Cybersecurity is a vital part of any modern business. Successful companies depend on their data to make informed choices in their operations and track metrics that determine their strategy. With the growing number of threats on the internet, it’s important to have a robust security solution. There are several steps service providers can take to aid in data security. The first thing to do is evaluate the network and close any security gaps that might allow infiltration. Powerful security software can stop malicious software before it does any damage. Firewalls can stop hackers and network attacks from implanting malicious software. Data encryption can nullify attacks even if they do make it through the security system. Real-time monitoring can detect suspicious activity in the system and stop the attack in its tracks. Most importantly, a computer forensics expert can track where penetrations occur and prevent the same attack from happening twice.

Since most enterprise computer solutions have hundreds of network connections, it can be very difficult to pinpoint every weakness. Hackers are able to find these weaknesses and exploit them. If a hacker manages to make it past all the security measures in place, it’s important to be able to find where hackers made their penetration and make sure it never happens again. A computer forensic expert will be able to track the suspicious behavior and activity back to its source. This will build the best defense possible over time.

Even with all these security measures in place, it’s still important to have a proper backup and recovery plan in place. Automated backups can assure that the most up to date versions of files are stored on the cloud. This means that even if an attack is successful, the files won’t be lost forever. This can be especially helpful if ransomware locks up the system. By restoring the file system to its original state, the system can be completely restored. A disaster recovery plan can be just as important as the security plan. Company owners and leaders should talk to their service provider about putting such a plan in place as soon as possible if they plan to get their company up and running after a disaster.