Things You Should Know About Calculating Fractions Mathematicians are those people that knows a lot about fractions and knows how to compute them. In this article, you will read about fractions and how to calculate them. Below are important factors that you need to know about fractions: A fraction has two parts which is the numerator and denominator. The numerator is the number of parts and the denominator is the total number of parts.The numerator stands for the number of parts and the denominator stands for the total number of parts.
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Any number can be a fraction. You can actually use any whole number over 1 to transform it into a fraction because the total number of parts in any undivided whole is considered as one.
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Multiplying fractions is an easy process. When multiplying fractions it must be straight across. If the multiplication problem has mixed numbers then it is important that you change it to an improper fraction. Multiplying by any form of one. The number 1 is known as the multiplicative because it can be multiplied to any number and the result will still be the same number. There are instances when you must change the fraction but should still remain its value. If you will subtract and add equal fractions then it is important that the denominators are the same. But, there are actually certain cases when the fractions are not equal and if this is the case then you need to multiply it first so that their denominator will be equal. This process is known as finding the common denominator. You can use any common denominator, however it will be easier if you find the smallest common denominator. If you cannot find the least common denominator of the fractions then you can multiply the fraction on their opposite denomination. You can start adding and subtracting the numerators when the denominators are similar. Mixed numbers is a combination of a fraction and a whole number. It is important that you transform the mixed number first. The computation of a fraction and a mixed number is not an easy task to do. Mixed numbers must be changed into an improper fraction. You should make use of addition to transform mixed numbers. The numerator of an improper fraction is much larger than its denominator. You should make use of division if you want to change it back into a mixed number. Cross product is a method used in comparing fractions. Before you compare it you will need to diagonally multiply the fractions first. Cross product method can really help you determine if the fractions are the same. You need to cancel the number that is divided by one. It is easier to solve the problem if you can cancel numbers.