Tomorrow’s manager is a person successfully functioning in a complex international environment. Applicants who are admitted to the Bachelor of Business under an Articulation Agreement are subject to the terms of that agreement. International Business entrance exam is arranged in April 2017 at TAMK in Tampere. You definitely do have a chance to study medicine in the US – just keep in mind that this process is rather competitive for international students, and so you’ll need a competitive GPA, MCAT, as well as med-related business

This means that you will be part of a learning environment geared towards developing the intercultural team skills and networks so important in today’s business world. With over a decade of experience, the programme offers you the possibility to become a professional in the field of international business

Although the program is designed as a transfer program, students may pursue employment in the field upon completion of the degree. You develop an understanding of international business, focusing on economic, political and cultural perspectives and the operation of businesses across business

Worked effectively in a cross-cultural team to present a case study analysis of a business operating in an international market context. This is done by analysing the business environment, which is the core of this programme. The research-based MSc study programme in Economics and Business Administration builds on the competencies and insights acquired in the BSc study programme in Economics and Business Administration.

Note that International Business may only be taken as a double major in business. But I do believe that even an international student in a position like you or me does have a shot. You’ll study with professors who conduct groundbreaking research, consult with governmental agencies and companies around the world, and share their experience with how financial policy impacts the domestic and global business environment.