The business management economics major provides students who are interested in careers in business or management with a foundation in economics and a selection of applied fields related to business management. You’ll learn from a combination of lectures, seminars and workshops, each designed to bring the world of business to life using real world examples from our industry partners. Emphasis on rational thinking: Taylor suggested rational thinking on the part of management for raising efficiency and management

The Bachelor of Business Management provides a comprehensive basis for a career in business while being flexible enough to let you pursue areas that particularly interest you. On this module you will consider the management issues faced within the international business environment that a large number of contemporary companies face on a day to day basis.

The procedure of selection must be systematic so as to select the best and the most suitable persons for different types of jobs. If you’re serious about business management, fill out the form to the right to get in touch today. This course is based at our City Centre Campus – and specifically The Curzon Building, alongside other Social Sciences, Law, Business and English managementbusiness management

An integrated system can be used purposefully for the conduct of production, marketing, distribution and other activities relating to business in an orderly manner. The activity can be employment activity, a work placement, professional training, volunteering activity in the not-for-profit sector, or where available, within a Virtual Business Environment within the University.

It makes students with computer science background to understand management and students with business management background to understand information systems (IS). BUS major Katie Zabel talks about her time in Australia and Scottland, BUS major Lily Britt shares memories of her time in Hong Kong, and BUS minor Evelyn Mantegani remembers her spring semester in Ireland.