Learn more about our action oriented business classes to help you START & GROW your business along with MANAGING and LEADING others. Systems management enables a manager to work more efficiently because of easy availability of information in different aspects of business. Brown maintained that Krumboltz’s (1981) theory is not a major influence on career development research or the practice of career counseling.

Third, uneven global development makes it difficult to meet people’s expectations for better lives. Our business consultants are paid professionals with extensive, practical experience in areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, operations and business planning.business development

Intellectual property from the IT University – including patented technologies, software, data and know-how can be offered for commercial use, under licence from ITU Business Development. No other program offers the same reach, resources or opportunities to create impact to businesses at every stage of development.

In some cases, you may be better off to buy a franchise, that is, a business strategy and structure that has been proven to work in other markets and your challenge is to set up your franchise in your locale. The consulting firm Booz, Allen & Hamilton has identified six categories of new products in terms of their newness to the company and the marketplace.business development

This expertise is highly sought after in business development functions (including innovation, marketing and finance) in large (multinational) corporations. It’s all very well to have a great product and a nicely designed website, with some great leaflets and a slick business card but, without the right approach to BD, no one is going to see it in the way you want to.business development