The House will vote next week on a bill that would eliminate government benefits for suspected Nazi war criminals. The consumer price index that is used to determine the cost-of-living adjustment senior citizens will receive from Social Security in 2009 was released today and the change for August 2008 over August 2009 is still looking like the COLA will be an increase in the range of 6 percent, the largest since 1982.

I hope that the vast majority of Social Security employees remain at work even if there’s a shutdown, but, to be honest, a straightforward interpretation of the Anti-Deficiency Act would mean that almost all Social Security employees would be furloughed.

The point was made that the SSN was ours and existed only because we needed it and the fact that it’s been misappropriated shouldn’t require us to spend money to redo our systems due to that mistake but obviously it was easier to make the government change than to tell the private systems to stop using the SSN and come up with another way.

According to the union letter, which was reviewed by the SSA at the Federal Diary’s request, even with current funding, the agency has had to freeze hiring in most of its sections; expects to lose about 2,500 federal employees, plus 1,000 state employees who are paid with federal funds; did not open eight new hearing offices; and has suspended mailing Social Security security administration

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