Years ago, I wrote a lengthy piece on the history of New York’s newsstands , how City Hall and other powers had been trying to replace and control them for decades, and how Bloomberg succeeded. We can help you get up and running so you can focus on your business instead of your banking. I agree to receive Small Business BC’s Monthly eNews, Weekly Updates (Seminars, Events and Promotions) and BC Deals and Announcements regarding Small Business BC’s products.

In this feasibility study, we shall explore ideas of what is involved so we can build upon it; and through commenting, people can as well add their own ideas and findings to compliment the write up. So, I hope to make these studies as explicit as I can for the benefit of Nigerian farmers.small businesssmall business

On SBS we are launching a mthly newspaper column that will showcase business support in the city. Those indie efforts range from Flipboard, the most prominent and innovative of the ilk, to Circa, which succumbed over the summer for want of audience, ideas and cash.

Some small businesses are further financed through credit card debt—usually a poor choice, given that the interest rate on credit cards is often several times the rate that would be paid on a line of credit at a bank or a bank loan Recent research suggests that the use of credit scores in small business lending by community banks is surprisingly widespread.small business

Next week I will be attending Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond, where I’ll have many opportunities to provide input into new technologies being developed there. Not only related to maintain the development of body systems, but also to our intelligence level as well as strengthens our immune system and helps in development of eye sight.