Appropriate business insurance cover is essential to protect your organisation. We’ve seen over and over again streaming applications grind business to a near halt. When you think about it, some of the very things that make Society Insurance just like you are exactly what set us apart from other insurance companies. We’ve already helped more than 200,000 business owners – from IT consultants to general contractors to nurses – protect their life’s work.

There are countless scenarios where you might want this cover, each being different depending on the business you’re in, and each requiring a different level of cover. I’m guessing that is because the insurance industry likes to follow what the legal industry does.

We asked UK van drivers to tell us their favourite songs to sing along to as they go about their business. A blown tire can cost $600 or more to have it fixed on the road (including labor), and you may also need to replace a rim if it was damaged by the tire when it blew.

Not only is your commercial vehicle policy critical for protecting your business financially, but it is required by law. It’s a common misconception that if you’re running a small business from home, your equipment and materials will be covered by your home insurance insurancebusiness insurance

Learn more about Business Insurance jargon and some of the day-to-day terms used within the Business Insurance industry. Finally, your financial lender or investors may require you to maintain life, business interruption, fire, flood or other types of insurance to protect their insurance