With the hard work, passion and energy you put into running your small business it’s important that you find the right insurance to protect your future. Even the most careful businesspeople can find themselves liable for the serious injury of a customer or another misfortune that causes a significant loss for the business. There are also intangible risks to consider—like how your business can remain solvent when it’s unable to operate after a significant loss like a large fire.business insurance

A minimum cost will be at least $1,500.00 a year, and can run to $10,000 a year if you have your own authority. We provide the right combinations of traditional policy sections to ensure that your business is comprehensively looked after. Our Business Guardian Angel gives you information, news and advice to help you and your business succeed.

In addition to human suffering, Haiyan caused extensive destruction and damage to housing, livelihoods and infrastructure, leading to a drastic reduction in living conditions, income, and access to basic services. Fidelity Guarantee: This is for business losses suffered due to fraud by employees.

A Trusted Choice® independent agent who specializes in business insurance can do just that. Explore the pros and cons of a range of business funding options such as loans and crowdfunding with this informative guide. Whether you’re pulling pints or peddling petunias, you can relax knowing you’re covered for the unexpected with business insurance.business insurance

If your Business insurance is already with Allianz, you can request a copy of your Certificate of Currency. You must immediately notify your insurer if your home will be used for business or commercial purposes. Your people make your business tick; you want them to be happy, healthy and productive.business insurance