Learning how to build and manage customerrelationships and how these relationships will help in key marketing activities such as branding, product management and service innovation. I’ve experienced the master Marketing as the thoughest year of my studies, much harder than the master BA (Transport, Distribution, Logistics) and my bachelor. Each course contains several illustrative examples from the real business and marketing world presented as cases, research findings, and small projects to undertake.marketing

In a competitive, changing business world, there is a growing demand for young professionals equipped with advanced marketing skills, knowledge, leadership potential and the ability to effectively deliver from day one in an organisation. Stay up to date with the latest marketing tools and techniques, and make your marketing efforts more productive.

But, before we look at the type of phone marketing that you can do for smartphone users with an internet connection, let’s look at some offline ways to market your products. Marketers need to understand the new product adoption process to build an effective strategy for developing market for the product.marketing

Great article… though it is all about action for me.. planning is important part of marketing activities. Please note: If you are taking Marketing as a second major for the Bachelor of Electronic commerce then the paper MSYS319 may be replaced with another paper ticked as available for the subject.marketing

The Four P’s of marketing include identifying and developing your product, determining its price, figuring out placement in order to reach customers, and developing a promotional strategy. If you have any type of electronic product, any product demo is an important part of your digital marketing strategy.