Do You Really Believe That Automatic Car Wash Will Damage Your Beautiful Car? Everyone wants their car looking clean and well taken care of. You can get up to 20% more in resale price for a car that looks clean and maintained in great condition than you would get for a similar car with a less appealing appearance. To save money,the DIY mentality has got some people washing their own cars sometimes with undesirable results. Do-it-yourselfers may fail to use adequate amounts of water to remove dirt from their car,or can ruin the nice paint work by washing their car under direct light from the sun or worse,they may not use the most appropriate detergent on their car. One may have all the information and technical knowledge needed to properly wash their car but may still choose to pay for an automatic car wash,which is by the way,way faster and does a far much better job on your car,leaving it looking perfectly clean. And then there is the little issue of just how many washes your car should get in a month. It all depends upon how frequently the car is used and gets dirty as a result. A car that is used sparingly needs far much less wash than one that is driven for long on dusty roads or one that is driven in places that have had severe winters and where the roads may contain salts used to clean away snow. So you now want to drive your car to a drive-through car wash? You need to think of the things below whenever you want to visit an automatic cash wash. Modern automatic car wash services use cloth instead of brushes,which may cause light scratches on the car. Be keen to note how the attendants wipe off the remaining water from your car to ensure they are using clean,soft towels and not dirty rags which may contain sharp dirt or other abrasive elements that may cause scratches.
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You need to know that a new car would just be fine without having to receive that costly rust proofing that the attendants will always try to sell you into. An under-body water jet wash might,however,be a great idea as it removes hardened clods that might not come off under normal cleaning and keeps open the undercarriage drain holes.
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Good automatic machine car wash owners will usually use heavy-duty cleaners on your tires and wheels to clean out all the dirt which might be quite a chore if you chose to do it yourself. You may want to buy automatic car wash equipment especially if you intend to start your own car wash business;all you need to do is shop around town or online to find dealers who get their supplies from car wash equipment manufacturers who have a reputation for innovation and quality.