All You Need To Know About Roman Jewelry Most of the things that we used today originated from Rome. It presents some of the most beautiful ancient Roman jewelry in history as it is seen on the Etruscan and Hellenistic jewelry. It was at this time that most of the jewels were adorned with precious stones and colored stones which improved the looks of a jewel. The glass was the only medium of exchange in the jewelry trade. The use of glass as the medium of exchange was used at the start of the Roman empire but this change during the Augustan age as more jewels made of glass was spread everywhere. The Romans designers came up with other forms of jewelry that was embraced even by conservative Romans who used to check keenly on what they were buying before the expansion of roman empire. The the main aim of the Romans was to subdue other countries to expand their boundaries. Many designing ideas arose from these conquering activities which led to an introduction of new jewels. By combining both the new ideas from the quest and their knowledge, the Roman jewelers were able to come up with interesting designs of the jewels. The the main purpose was to create something that will get the attention of the people.
Lessons Learned About Rings
The rings were designed to create a sense of belonging among women. They were the symbol of Rome. The rings were worn by women to signify a certain class in the community. The the aim of wearing this ring was to identify particular ladies with an aristocracy. The rings were used together with bracelets and earrings to give the right glimmer that will separate these women from lowly class ladies.
Finding Parallels Between Trends and Life
The Rome culture remains with us as it is seen in modern designs that borrowed the art from the ancient Rome like the cameo pendant. The the pendant is widely used by women globally. The modern jewelers borrowed the idea of hoop earrings from the ancient Rome who used to design the same thing for their women. Having a pair of hoop earrings is trending nowadays among the women. The roman culture very much arrives in the modern world with very many developments regarding jewelry dating back to the ancient Rome. The Roman designing of precious stones remain the best when you want to buy a jewel. Women in the ancient Rome used to wear the rings in order to be identified with a particular aristocratic family. Generally, the necklaces were invented but they were very expensive depending the materials used to make this luxurious and expensive jewelry, and only a few people were able to enjoy after purchasing it.